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  • Summer Assignments

    Students' summer assignments are now being uploaded to their school websites.  Please check the school sites to view or download these packets.

    Englewood Public School District
  • Summer Language Immersion Programs for Grieco & McCloud Students

    Both Spanish language immersion and Mandarin language immersion summer programs are offered.  The brochure/description is attached. 

    Englewood Public School District
  • Notice from the State of New Jersey - Special Needs Registry for Disasters

    New Jersey has created a "Register Ready" Special Needs Registry for Disasters. This confidential online registry allows citizens to provide emergency response agencies with important information (e.g. if a resident is wheelchair bound or requires medical apparatus) so that emergency responders can be better prepared to serve those individuals during a natural disaster or other emergency. To sign up for this program, go to the Register Ready registration webpage: https://www13.state.nj.us/SpecialNeeds/Signin?ReturnUrl=%2fSpecialNeeds%2f .   Or, you can call New Jersey's toll free 2-1-1- service and ask to be registered.

    Englewood Public School District

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  • Summer Hours Begin

    Offices opn Monday - Friday 8AM-3PM through August 29
    Englewood Public School District
  • Grieco School Cafeteria

    BOE Meeting

    Special Public Meeting

    Englewood Public School District
  • BOE Meeting

    Grieco Cafeteria
    Englewood Public School District
  • Fall Sports Physicals for Juniors & Seniors

    Dwight Morrow High School
  • Fall Sports Physicals for Sophomores & Freshmen

    Dwight Morrow High School
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